dave yarwood
Trash Signal - "The Palms"


November 16, 2022


I’ve started a new band called Trash Signal, and I’m excited to announce that our first single, “The Palms”, is available now on all of the major streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc.). Look for it wherever you listen to music!

You can also listen to it right here:

If you like it, please consider supporting us by downloading the song on Bandcamp!

This band came to fruition by accident when I went to an outdoor karaoke event in Durham and a friend introduced me to Lishie Comiskey. We started talking and realized that we share a lot of musical interests, including an adoration of the band Lost Sounds. One of us said “Let’s start a band that sounds like Lost Sounds!” and the rest is history.

At the moment, Trash Signal is me (guitar, synthesizer, drum programming) and Lishie (bass, vocals, lyrics), and we’re planning to expand and turn it into more of a live thing once we find the right people. We have a bunch of other songs in the works and we’re excited about it!

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