dave yarwood
Exit Mice: Eggshells


January 25, 2020


My band, Exit Mice, released our second EP this past month. It’s called Eggshells and we’re very excited about it! You can listen to it on all the major streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc.), or right here:

(If you like it, please consider supporting us by buying the digital album for $4 on Bandcamp!)

Just like with our first EP, we recorded the raw tracks in Ross’s basement where we practice, and our friend Duncan (of Hammer No More the Fingers and Beauty World fame) did a superb job of mixing them and helping us find the sounds we were searching for.

When we recorded our first EP, we were still a three-piece. Shortly before we played our first show, Eric Lee joined the band to play synthesizer and second guitar. I had taken a stab at recording a few synthesizer parts myself on our first EP, but I think Eric really takes the synthesizer element of Exit Mice to another level. He knows a lot more than I do when it comes to getting great sounds out of a synthesizer, and I think it really shows on Eggshells.

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