dave yarwood
Clojure character utilities, now available as a clojar!


December 25, 2014


A couple months ago I posted about a character utility library I whipped up for Clojure. It’s still a work-in-progress, but I think it’s in good enough shape for general use. I decided to make a clojar out of it, for anyone who might find it useful. Now anyone can try out the library by including [djy "0.1.2"] (0.1.2 is the latest version as of writing – if you’re reading this from the future, you may want to check the clojars page or github repo for the latest version number) as a dependency in your project.clj or build.boot, then (require '[djy.char :as char]) and you’re good to go.

This is my first ever clojar, which is a little exciting. The deploy process was refreshingly smooth thanks to the very awesome Boot build tool, created by two of my dashing coworkers at Adzerk. The bootlaces library provides a few handy tasks for building and deploying snapshots or releases to Clojars – after some quick & easy setup (check out the build.boot), I gained the ability to push a new version to Clojars whenever I want by simply updating the version number in build.boot and then running boot build-jar push-release or boot build-jar push-snapshot. Pretty awesome stuff.

(P.S. – Merry Christmas!)