dave yarwood
Antibubbles - Live @ the Layabout (8/5/11)


August 16, 2014


I was going through my computer and found this old Antibubbles live set – thought I’d share it. It’s from a fun house show we played at the Layabout in Durham on August 5, 2011.

Antibubbles was a band from 2008-2013. I played guitar and sang. A bunch of other people were involved too at varying times, but our “all-star” line-up (2011-2013) was Seth Beard on drums, Anne Tomasevich on synth/vocals, and Joe Csurpek on bass/vocals.

  • Set list:
  • Tonight Tonight Tonight
  • Battle on the Mars
  • Our Capsule
  • Couple Skate
  • Red Blanket
  • You Gave Your Love to Me Softly (Weezer)
  • Flux
  • This Feeling

The full, 8-song set is here: sendspace

More Antibubbles recordings here: bandcamp